Assassin's Creed Origins Cover Keyart

Check that off of the bucket list!
I'm so excited to FINALLY be able to share this piece with you all.
Ubisoft was pretty much my dream job and a place I always aspired to work. This is due to the incredible team on Assassin's Creed, primarily the amazing Raphael Lacoste who has been the artist leading the majority of the incredible works of art for the series and one of my biggest inspirations. So needless to say, working on this small piece of this great machine is one of the greatest honors of my life.
Thank you to the AC Origins dev team for the incredibly inspiring, beautiful work you've done on this game. I know people will love it.
Creative Director: Michael Hammond
Art Direction: Jasmine Ianneo, Wayne Ferguson, Wil Wells
Artist: Wil Wells
Assisting Artist: Camille Fache
Assisting Artist: Hugo Deschamps
US Brand Management: Wayne Ferguson, Mike Breslin, Danny Ruiz, Mayya Grinberg
All designs created by The AC team, additional model support from the AC team.