Rainbow 6 Siege: Siege Day Key Art

Artwork created for the live Siege Day gaming event. Artwork was created entirely in three days. The final printed piece was used as a backdrop for a tournament between Will Arnett and Ben Schwartz. Models created by others. Posing, lighting and post done by Wil Wells using Max, V-Ray, HDR Light Studio, and Photoshop. Big shout out to the Ubisoft Helix team for support and tons of work on these models.

Story here:

Art Direction: Brian Tippie
Artist: Wil Wells
Model Creation: Ubisoft Helix Studio
Designer: Kate Chuang
Rainbow Six Siege Day Art & Event | © 2015 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

Wil wells r6 all operators 110315 flat wip

Full artwork without logo and copy

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Printed Banner at Event

Wil wells tom clancys rainbow six siege ben schwartz will arnett

Will Arnett and Ben Schwartz

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On Screen